Custom Built Rifles & Firearms

360 Precision is your one stop for Custom Firearms.

Let 360 Precision build you the custom hunting rifle of your dreams!

Complete Rifle Gunsmith Services

At 360 Precision we provide you with outstanding customer service.  Whether you are looking to have a complete custom rifle built by us or are simply looking to have a rifle re-barrelled we are here to help.  We offer rifle accurizing and a full line of gunsmithing services to ensure the perfect shot when it counts.  Call us today and start the conversation about your project.  We are a fully licensed FFL and Class 3 Manufacturer.

Partner Brands

Defiance Machine Actions
Armageddon Gear
Terminus Actions
Proof Research Barrels
Foundation Stocks
MullerWorks Barrels
Kahles - Swarovski Optics
MDT - Modular Driven Technologies
McMillan Stocks
ZCO - Zero Comprimise Optics
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