Sphur - 34mm Picatinny Mount 0MIL/0MOA - 1.18"

Sphur - 34mm Picatinny Mount 0MIL/0MOA - 1.18"




Durability: Prevents damage on scope due to flexing during heavy recoil or rough environment. The snipers rifle and the spotters carbine can have the same mount, enabling the use of same equipment and accessories. Rings are grooved inside to get a better grip of the scope and enabling gluing of the scope. The mount is milled out of one billet of material instead of being screwed together from small parts. 

Scope Rotation: Patent pending solution for indexing the rotation of the scope, using an included tool/gauge to index the scope correctly to the mount and gun. Important since an incorrectly indexed scope unintentionally will also have a sideways adjusted point of impact and since it will be adjusted sideways when it is adjusted for elevation.