Please take a minute to read the following support outline and register for your free technical support at:

Thank you once again for choosing to purchase a 360Precision panoramic tripod head. Our products are engineered to give you years of trouble free use. However if you do need any support for your 360Precision product or other related products, software or just have general questions we're more than happy to help.

To receive any form of support you will first need to register with our online support system. Registering is very simple and should take no more than 30 seconds. Once you've registered you can submit your support question/s. We've chosen the online route to try and bypass any issues caused by email. The online system also allows us to easily track the history of any support request.

Please note that the support system will highlight the fact that you can submit support requests via email or reply to the automated email replies. Please refrain from doing so and only answer or update support tickets via the website.

It is very important that you do not email any support requests directly to any email address or reply to any of the automated emails that you receive. Although our systems automatically send out emails for order confirmations and enquiries, do not automatically assume that these email accounts are ever read in person. We also regularly change the various email addresses used by our systems to cut down on spam. So even though you may have received an email from 360Precision the chances are the email account may no longer be active. If you follow the above procedures and use the online support system you will have no issues in receiving fast and efficient technical support.

Please allow between 24-48 hours before re-submitting any support request. We do our best to answer all support requests the same day but this is not always possible. If your question relates to your order, shipping timeframes or order tracking details you MUST include your order number in the subject of the support requests. Support requests with an attached order number are prioritised. You can find your order number in the Order Details section of your automated order confirmation email.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Rogers
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