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  360Precision: Customer Testimonials

We can tell you all day how great our products are, and they are. But what do our customers think, not only about our panoramic heads but our customer service and tech support. Below is small selection of testimonials submitted by 360Precision customers.

Frank Clark
My name is Frank Clark, I have shot presidents birthplaces, national landmarks, and many small businesses. I take pride in my work and equipment.

Only two pieces of equipment have been with me from the beginning is my lens and my 360Precision Atome, everything else has been upgraded. I would like to say my 360 head is a tank. I beat it up all the time, have over 300 tours on it, which equals roughly 126,000 photos taken.

It has never failed me once. It is precise as the day it was made and arrived at my door. We now have 4 in the company and have no need to even look at another product. If you are in the market for a new or replacement head, the 360Precision Atome is a no brainer if you are serious about what you do.

Also here is a fun fact about the 360 it is constructed from stainless steel and anodized aluminum both very tough items, in theory you could use this thing underwater!

Carl Lamb
I use 360 Precision's Atome daily in my 360 photography business. It's simple to use with a no hassle set up, very well built and works perfectly time and time again. I can't recommend the Atome head enough!

Marcus Hamilton
The Atome is the simplest, quickest way to quality 360s - ideal for pole panos. Superbly designed and built in the 360 Precision way.

Neil Cooper
The Atome is the most essential piece of equipment I have and one that is now compulsory for all our new photographers. The build quality is fantastic, it's solid, reliable and most importantly easy to use. Our NN3 and NN4 have now been retired and sold, I thought they were well built until I got hold of an Atome.

There is no way to set the Atome up wrong, once you've got the ring in the correct place on your lens it really is idiot proof, you simply cannot set it up incorrectly. There's no play in the mechanism, no wobble or feeling that something is going to come loose. So far my Atome has done over 5000 panos and still looks and feels like it's brand new.

I've been using it with my Sigma 8mm for several years and earlier this year I added the Canon 8-15mm to my line up and bought the Atome ring for that and it's fantastic.

When stitching in PTGui my result straight off the bat is "very good' with an average max pixel accuracy of 1.6 which if you use PTG you will know is amazing to achieve for each and every tour without fail.

Jann Lipka, Sweden
As you know I love my Atome for GBP - it is so much better then R1 - simply because of the rotator that is so much quicker then NN ... ( I use NN panoheads for other pano work like editorial etc )
Chris Langham
I've used the Atome mount for 20 or so 360 panoramas already, using my Sigma 8mm lens on a Canon body. Its just the perfect solution for creating perfect stitching of panoramas.

The ring grips perfectly onto the lens at the perfect position to prevent parallax error, without any measurements required. The ring then clamps tightly onto the tripod part so there's no risk of camera movement in the wind (with a good tripod of course).

The Atome also clicks into position at 90 degree intervals, so it's so quick to get the full 360 really quickly once you have the built in bubble level set. I originally bought this for Google Trusted Photography, but really enjoyed using it on holiday too.

Highly recommend this bit of kit.

John Law
I have known Matthew Rogers for six years since we met at the Pano conference in Venice. I have used 360precision equipment from him for longer. After some early experiments with pano equipment from other manufacturers, from the US & Italy, I settled on 360p equipment and have found it robust and fit for purpose. I have no hesitation in recommending 360p equipment to other photographers at the Royal Photographic Society who are interested in panoramic photography.
John Law
Tom Mills - VR Web Design
360Precision make fantastic panoheads that save lots of time - great products and support - thanks all at 360Precision !
Tom Mills
Bruce Hemming - Bruce Hemming Photography
360Precision products are absolutely outstanding and I would recommend them above any competitor. Well designed and beautifully engineered and still delivering the same quality as the day that it was purchased.

I subsequently needed a lens for testing and Matthew was able to provide one at short notice and at a very reasonable price. One of my most valued contacts.
Bruce Hemming
Nigel Harniman - Air CGI
Matt has supplied pano equipment/services for the past 8 years, what he does not know about pano's and equipment is not worth knowing !!!
Nigel Harniman
Janie Fitzgerald - Axis Images
The 360 Precision products created by Matthew Rogers are very well thought out, each with a streamlined and elegant design. The pan heads are compact and easy to travel with. Each of the 360Precision products I have used are unbreakable, strongly built and extremely durable.

The pan head is easy to instantly set up and use. I'm assured a perfect alignment of nodal point which allows me to rapidly shoot several panoramas with the confidence that they will have perfectly aligned frame to frame registration when I proceed to post production.

Matthew's customer support has been good, there have been a couple times where I needed equipment quickly and it arrived right away.
Janie Fitzgerald
Marcus Hamilton - Hamilton 360
I have used Matthew's 360Precision panoramic heads for many years now and I find them to be the best on the market. Well designed, accurate and with built-in simplicity, they are a joy to work with. I have bought several pieces of 360Precision equipment and they are all superb.

Everything on my new web site has been shot using Matthew's 360Precision panoramic heads. I recommend them wholeheartedly."
Marcus Hamilton
Valentin Arfire
I use the 360 Precision Adjuste every day and by now we've been through a lot of extreme conditions. This includes dust, sand, water, seawater, winds and the almost 2 kg of Canon 5D with lenses and remote control behave as usual - impecable. Thank you for the good product and I will always recommend it warmly.... I remember you as a kind, friendly and funny person I'm proud to count among my friends.
Valentin Arfire
Tim Linke

Tripod, Absolute, Canon 5d, 15mm fisheye and you´re almost done the fastest and the most sturdy way of doin´ high end hdr spheres and it works at 400°C/752F check yourself at

Tim Linke

Eric Truyens

This is surely the best rig on sale and after putting of buying it as the price was rather high I bought the Manfroto 303 SPH. I pimped that rig but it didn't give me the results I was expecting. I sold the lot and bought the Adjuste Giga and this is much more sturdy and the dual locking suits even my Canon 1Ds Mk III with my biggest and heaviest lens on it... Setting up is easy as most combinations of lenses and bodies are already tried out by others and it's just like painting by the numbers to get great results (always spot on) Great job...

Greetings, Eric Truyens

Barre Ludvigsen, Norway

The fixed pinheads from 360 Precision are topnotch products. I have been making QTVR panoramas since the early years of Apples QTVR Authoring suite with a variety of panoheads, but these are the best. Have used fixed heads from 360Precision with the Canon 5D and a 17-40 at 17mm, 5D and 15mm, an Epson R-D1 with a CV 12mm and a Leica M8 with CV 12mm. The heads are easy to set up and easy to use. Last summer we generated 250 panoramas from templates with absolutely no problems. ( They also take care of difficult shots like this night time sky:

360Precision have provided separate parts adapting one head to different cameras from scans and sketches with no problems. Considering the time saved and reliable results in generating large numbers of panoramas from the same rig over time, 360 provide an excellent product.

Barre Ludvigsen, Norway

Richard E

I thought that I would drop you a line to say thank you for the 360 head for my 1Ds2 and 15 fisheye lens that you sent me. I am very pleased with it.

I was able to set it up following the instructions on your site, and was after a little trial and error to get a good position for the bracket. I used a small hallway in my house as the room to create my template. I covered the walls and ceilings with PostIt sitcky notes in different colours. I then did a very careful series of shots. Followed by several hours carefully placing control points in PTMac. Following the calibration guide was a little tricky, but it worked (it could do with a bit more explanation of some points). The template produced has blown me away! In the panoramas that I have stitched there are no errors that I can see. I load the images and I apply the template and render! Works a treat. I now look forward to many happy panoramas.

Best wishes and thanks, Richard E

Andrey Ilyin, Russia

It is solid. I mean really solid, like rock. Ready to operate in 30 seconds required to attach camera to the head. Very convinient in work, allows templates and HDR easily. If you need professional reliable result - take it, it worth every cent.

Andrey Ilyin, Russia

Rainer J, Germany

Since i bought the 360Precision head for my EOS 5D with 15mm FE last year I made about 250 panos with it. I am very impressed about the quality of it. It is rock solid and absolute "precise". I am stitching with PTGui and can really do all my panos from one template as it is promised.

Rainer J.

Szita, UK

We have been using a 360 Precision Absolute panorama head for the last 6 months, and we can only recommend it to anyone who is after professional equipment.   Thank you 360 Precision for the excellent customer service, and for giving us the tool to help make our business grow, and the ability to provide our customers with high quality and outstanding Virtual Tours.

P Szita.

Wouter, Netherlands

Today my 360Precision Adjuste Giga came in, it's an unbelievable masterpiece, i really like it!

Kind regards, Wouter.

Douglas, California

By the way, the Atome is a wonderful piece of engineering. I'm sure it will be a joy to use on our shows for Discovery Channel.

Thanks, Douglas.

Harvey, California

Matt, thank you for your excellent customer service. This is my second panohead from your company and you have validated my thoughts on your professional service and quality products that I have come to expect from your company.

Respectfully, Harvey.

June Arias, New York

I love my new 360Precision Adjuste! I spent a lot of time on the internet researching the various panoheads on the market as well as consumer reviews. Being new to panoramic photography, I wanted a product of quality and versatility to carry me into the future as my skills developed. The 360Precision Adjuste fit the bill.

The staff at 360Precision is very professional and took the time to answer all my questions related to the product and technical aspects of getting started. I placed the order and received the Precision Adjuste within one week.

I am very impressed. The 360Precision Adjuste is beautifully crafted and easy to use. Thank you 360Precision for your guidance and making my experience a turn key operation.

June Arias, New York

Mr François Martin

Thank you very much of your quick and precise response Matt.I am very happy and satisfied of the first results. This head is probably one of the best i have ever used. No problem for other focal lengh, i think i can find them myself.

Mr François Martin

David Palermo - Former Product Manager for QTVR at Apple

Having been involved in virtual tours since their inception I have had the opportunity to try out a lot of equipment. I have recently been trying out the 360 Precision head and it is by far my favorite panoramic head! All of the heads I have used over the years are nice and functional but the 360Precision goes above and beyond "nice and functional". I travel a LOT and it's very important to have a panoramic head that doesn't lose it's settings when being bumped around in an airplane or a car. It's not very fun finding the nodal point every time I think my pano head is off. I'd rather concentrate my creativity and create the shot without worrying about the nodal point. The 360Precision lets me do just that. It doesn't get in the way of creativity. And it's built to pro quality standards - 100% solid and totally reliable.

The staff at 360Precision are very knowledgeable about their products as well as various software packages that support their products. I have always gotten great support from them whenever I needed it. I am in the USA and they are in the UK and I still get a quick response considering the time difference.

I'm always looking forward to new products from 360Precision.

Keep up the great work!

David Palermo - Former Product Manager for QuickTime VR at Apple Computer, Inc. and founder of

Kent Durk -

I have been using the Absolute for all of my work thats online for the past 2 years now - we have 1,112 full screen hdri panos now - the response has been tremendous, we have guests from every county in the world and been featured in several publications. The Absolute I find to be so reliable, I can count on when i shoot a pano, when i get back to the lab at home I know it will turn out - ALL of them that I shot that day - Flawless!!

Kent Durk -

Gary Reich, Spa Creek 360 VRs and Panoramic Photography

The 360 Precision head allows me to perform dozens of accurate and flawless batch panoramas with a minimum of hassle, which is critical, as my company does interactive panoramas of boats, marinas, restaurants, commercial properties and real estate.

Not only is the 360Precision beautifully designed and manufactured, but the support has been second to none. I wouldn't consider buying a panorama head from any other company.

Gary Reich, Spa Creek 360 Virtual Tours and Panoramic Photography.

Dr F. - Engineer/Photographer

I received my 360Precision head some days ago and have used PTMac to calibrate my new system: Nikon D200 with 10.5 mm Nikkor lens and 360Precision Absolute Head.

Given the low cost of your head, I had my doubts about its ability to facilitate using a single template to assemble the seven images, but it works perfectly -- just as advertised. The working features of your base compare in quality and performance to an old-fashioned surveying instrument. Of course that is exactly what is needed, at a minimum, to have any hope of using a single template.

I have taken several subsequent pano sets and this template works perfectly -- no visible seams at all. I am easily amused, but this kind of stuff is especially enjoyable for me. I have always liked photography, but adding this hands-on technical component has been a blast. I am also hooked on the QTVR's. Your device makes this all the more satisfying. Thank you very much for making a such an effective tool available for such a low cost.

Dr F.

Pete, Sphereworks Ltd UK - Pro Photographer

We have two 360Precision heads and are very happy with them, what a great product!! There are many other products on the market that will 'do the job' but not at the quality of the 360Precision head. It's a very robust product, we've given then some battering and they still are going strong. Also it's very quick to set up, well if you have it assembled already in you bag then it's as quick as just popping it on the tripod and attaching your camera to it.

Customer service is some of the best we've come across, the 360Precision guys are nearly always around to answer your questions.

If you are after a professional bomb proof head this is the one to go for, we expect our 360Precision heads to last us for years to come.

Thank you 360Precision for a great tool!!

Pete, Sphereworks Ltd UK

Paul -

We purchased the 360precision rig a few weeks back (beginning of 2006). from the UK and used it for the first time this week on a big shoot involving 20+ panos. We're very happy with the head, the customer service and the results we achieved. The engineering quality is outstanding. We use it with a Canon 20d and Sigma 8mm. We shoot 6 horizontal + 1 up. The down shot is not worth bothering with as you get very limited additional information. The upshot is very easy to achieve with this rig which was a pleasant surprise.

The head is extremely stable and has a really solid feel to it. It's a little heavier than expected but it packs away nicely and is very portable. Setting up a "perfect" template in PTMac took some time to figure out. Both Matt and Stu went to extraordinary lengths to help us create one. They were very responsive to our (stupid) questions, jumped through a lot of hoops to get us the rig in time and gave alot of advice on calibration (you'll always need to calibrate it yourself). Stu tells me he is actually writing a "how to" guide on this tricky subject that will be a great help. They know their stuff.

The head appears expensive especially if you live in the US. We paid close to $1000 including overnight shipping. When you look at what it saves you in time though especially on a big job, I think it's pretty cheap and can pay for itself in one good sized production. All we do now is load our images (shot always in the same order) into PTMac, apply the template and stitch. No more futzing around with control points and optimizing. We output with enblend PSD format as some finetuning may still be necessary in photoshop before color correction, sharpening. It's not absolutely perfect but it's pretty darned close. With the new improved control arm they're planning to produce, it will get even better. All we need now is for PTBatch to work with enblend so we can batch process all the panos at the same time instead of having to process them individually.

If you do this stuff for a living and need to optimize your workflow for speed, it's the only way to go in my opinion. You can now spend more time being creative and less worrying about getting a "perfect" stitch each time. Net, net. It works. It's consistent. The level of service is exceptional.

I sincerely hope this product will be a great success. These guys really deserve it.

Paul -

Mr H Rosenberg

The ordered Sigma 8 mm f3.5 (Canon) Atome arrived safely today (Friday). Thank you very much. The Atome is a very well made, precision piece of equipment. I look forward to working with it. Thanks again for a fine piece of equipment and great service.

Mr H Rosenberg

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