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360Precision Giga : Set-up

The Adjuste Giga ships partially assembled. You will need to insert the two additional locking plungers to enable the 5° vertical detent stops. Images 1.0 and 1.1 illustrate the process of adding the plungers.

Before using your Adjuste Giga you have the option of setting up the vertical detenting mechanism for the following:

1. Lens options - 4.5mm up to 100mm (cropped) | 150mm (fullframe/35mm)
Standard multi-row image detent spacing at 15°

2. Lens options - 4.5mm up to 400mm (cropped) | 600mm (fullframe/35mm)
High-res mosaic/giga pixel images with detent spacing at 5°

The two additional plungers have the option of being "Locked Out". Being able to lock out the additional plungers makes the Adjuste Giga far easier and quicker to use when set-up for use with fisheye or standard lenses (100mm cropped | 150mm FX/35mm). With plungers 2 & 3 locked plunger one will lock in the vertical arm every 15°, you can of course hold out the plunger and jump to any of the 15° plunger stops.

To lock out the plunger you simply pull the plunger out and away from the sidearm and twist the knob clockwise. To unlock the plunger pull the knob outwards and twist counter-clockwise.

Giga Details

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Giga Manual

Assembling the Giga
Vertical Detent Setup
Base Detent Setup
Adjusting the Elbow
Adjusting the Camera Slider
Changing Detents

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