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360Precision Panoramic Tripod Head
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Product Name: Carbone
Product Type: Panoramic Tripod Head
Release Date: November 2013
Load Capacity: 5kgs
Horizontal Base • Twin track brass detent indexing system - 6|36 - 4|24 and 10|18 as standard. Custom options available on request.
  • Chemically etched base scale every 15° with unique fisheye shooting scale optimised for 4 and 6 shots. Custom options available on request.
  • 12mm bullseye bubble level
  • User adjustable indexing strength, can be adjusted to compensate for different camera/lens weight
Vertical Base • Locking indexing plunger with stops every 15° - multirow compatible with lenses up to105mm on fullframe
  • Optimised ±7.5° for Google Business Photos (This option will invert the camera shooting position).
  • Chemically etched stainless steel scale every 15°
Mounting Options: Pin Registered Plate - Compatible with:
  • Canon - 350/450D | 550D/600D | 7D | 5DMKI | 5DMKII | 5DMKIII |
  • Nikon - D80/D90 | D200 | D300/D700 | D2X
  • Fuji - S5Pro
  Custom Plates - Comaptible with:
  • Canon - 1D/s MKI | 1D/s MKII/III | 1Dx
  • Nikon - D7000 | D7100 | D600 | D800
  • Hasselblad H3/4/5D
  • 645DF
  • ANY 2 x 30mm centered 1/4" plates
Price: From £435 ex VAT ($USD695)
  360Precision Ltd
Holly Cottage, Barton Lodge
Steeple Aston, Oxford OX25 5QH
United Kingdom


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