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360Precision Panoramic Tripod Head
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The new 360Precision Carbone is THE full spherical multi-row panoramic tripod head we always wanted to create. It's super small so you can take it anywhere and light enough that you won't notice. It's also incredibly strong so you can use it with any DSLR and most lenses.

Unlike other small / light panoramic heads the Carbone remains fully functional even under heavy loads. We've stress tested the Carbone to 15kgs but just to be on the safe side we've rated her to 5kgs.

As more and more photographers opt for non-DSLRs we designed the Carbone to be the perfect accesory for the new range of compact camera systems.

So whether you shoot with a large DSLR like a Canon 1Dx or a super small Fuji X-A1 the Carbone has you covered.

Each material selection and manufacturing process were critical in acheiving the goal of creating the best lightweight panoramic tripod head available.

A quick list of what we believe makes the Carbone unbeatable:

  1. Custom weaved 10mm carbon fibre tubes.
  2. T6082 high grade alloy. Stronger and lighter than T6061
  3. Vapour honed surface finish removes all machine marks.
  4. MilSpec type III hard anodised.
  5. Twin bearing set-up for smooth and precise detenting.
  6. Brass detent rings for long life and great feel.
  7. Chemically etched stainless steel scales and marker rings.
  8. Super strong and light (445grams)
  9. Looks and feels awesome.
  10. Makes you happy everytime you get to use it.

These materials and processes not only create a product that's awesome to use but a joy to own.

As with our other panoramic heads the 360Precision Carbone uses our tried and tested twin bearing, brass detent ring indexing set-up. The smoother and more accurate the indexing of panoramic head the less time you spend stitching and producing your panoramic images and virtual tours.

The rotator base on the Carbone was designed to be as small (54mm) and as light as possible but still offer enough options to cover most panoramic scenarios. The twin track brass detents are available from 2 stops (180°) up to 36 stops (10°) and any number in between. We can also custom machine a custom two track detent on request.

The range of detenting options will cover the camera and lens combinations used by over 90% of the current 360Precision customer base.

The 360Precision Carbone can be used with lenses from a 4.5mm fisheye right up to a 105mm lens on a fullframe sensor.

Crop 4 - 36 6 - 24 10 - 18
DX 4.5 - 70mm 8 - 50mm 20-35mm
FX/1.0 4.5 - 105mm 8 - 70mm 35-50mm
1.6 4.5 - 70mm 8 - 50mm 20-35mm
2.0 | CCS 4.5 - 60mm 7.5 - 50mm 35-50mm

The connection between your camera and any piece of photographic equipment is critical. You want the connection to be fast, reliable and easily levelled. The 360Precision Carbone uses our unique pin registered or custom mounting plates.

Our pin registered camera mounting plates use a dowel pin that locates into the hole on the base of most DSLR cameras.

This design ensures that you can very quickly and easily mount your camera onto the Carbone. It also means that your camera is always level on the panoramic head.

Although we'd highly recommend one of our custom or pin registered plates we also have a generic plate for use with ANY camera.

We have a range of pin plates avalaible for most current DSLRs and compact system cameras. We generally update the pin plate design to ensure compatability with new DSLRs just weeks after release.

Nikon Canon Fuji Olympus
D80 350D/400D S2Pro OM-D E-M5
D90 450/500D S5Pro  
D200 600D Fuji - X  
D300 7D    
D700 5DMKI    

Nikon Canon Medium Format Other
D7000 1D/sMK 1 645AF Coming Soon
D7100 1D/sMK 2/3 Hasselblad  
D600 1Dx    
  • 445gms (0.99lbs)
  • Light but still 100% rigid under load
  • Full spherical panoramic head.
  • Multi-row capable
  • Includes ±7.5°option for Google Business Photographers.
  • Mounting load - 5kg
  • 3 x twin track brass detents 6-36 | 4-24 | 10-18
  • Unique fisheye shooting scale, optimised for 4|90° and 6|60° workflows.
  • Ships fully assembled.
  • Dissasemble for travel in seconds.
  • 100% captive parts.
  • Unique pin registered and custom mounting plates.
  • Scales are laser etched directly into carbon tubes.
  • 3 year international warranty


• 445gms (0.99lbs) yep said that just over there :)
• The lightest/strongest fully featured panoramic head available
• Probably the nicest piece of photographic equipment you'll ever own.
• Incredibly easy to set-up and use.
• Covers the shooting needs of over 90% of our customer base.
• Shoot and produce a huge range of great content including:
  -  Virtual Tours for real estate, hotels, Google Business Photos
  -  HDR images for 3D lighting and special effects
  -  Up to 8 gigapixel spherical images - D800/105mm lens
  360Precision Ltd
Holly Cottage, Barton Lodge
Steeple Aston, Oxford OX25 5QH
United Kingdom


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