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360Precision Panoramic Tripod Head
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The Atome was designed with SIMPLICITY and USABILTY as main priorities.
As with our Absolute range the Atome rotator is practically zero set-up.

  1. Built-in precision click-stops, shoot faster, more accurate
    means fewer stitching issues, fewer rejected panoramas.
  2. Stainless steel detent base, extremely strong and built to last.
  3. Precision lens rings are designed to allow 100% lens functionality.
  4. Full sealed bearings mean super smooth rotation.
  5. Custom quick release designed for speed and ease of use.

A thin yet extremely strong aluminium lens ring retains full lens functionality. Our lens rings do not block focus distance scales or any other crucial lens data.

Designed to stay permanently attached yet small enough to get out of the way.


Not only is our custom quick release clasp incredibly fast and easy to use but it's smart design brings the benefits of a wider lens ring in a much thinner lens ring.

The quick release clasp not only releases the lens ring from the holder but acts to strengthen the ring set-up by spreading the load across the lens ring holder. This design makes it impossible for the lens ring to fail.

This smart design allows the Atome to be used with even the heaviest DSLRs including the Nikon D4 and Canon 1Dx. You can see the 360Precision Atome in action on Harniman's Blog

The Atome is vailable for the following lenses

  1. Sigma 8mm f3.5
  2. Canon 8-15mm
  3. Sigma 4.5mm
  4. Sigma 10mm
  5. Nikkor 10.5mm
  6. Tokina 10-17mm
  7. Samyang 7.5mm
  8. Samyang 8mm CSI
  9. Samyang 8mm CSII
  10. Samyang 14mm
Setting up your Atome rotator takes just a few seconds. Slide on the lens ring, set the position, tighten and you're ready to start shooting.

Once your lens ring is in position you're now ready to use your Atome. Slide the lens ring into the Atome Y, slide over the quick release lock and let the precision indexing position do its job.
Atome 8mm f3.5
NN R10
Acratech (Atome Copy)
2006 2007 2013
Sales Numbers
1000+ 1000+ ?
Aluminium Specification
T6082 T6061 ?
Anodise Specification
MILSPEC TypeIII - hard TypeII - decorative ?
5 years 2 years ?
Approved By Google
2009 2011 2013
Recommend by top GTPs
Yes No ?
Original Design Features
Yes No No (Atome Copy)
Rotator Base
40mm 46mm +50mm
Full lens functionality
Yes No ?
Return Period
90 Days 30 Days ?
Precision Aluminium Lens Ring
Yes No Yes
Bubble Level Size
(20mm with attachment)
15mm 18mm
AA Grade 20mm 10mm ?
Twin Sealed Bearing Design
Yes No No
Built-in detent stops
4 stops - 90° 4 stops - 90° ?
Stainless Detent Base
Yes No No
Tilt - optimised for Sigma 8mm lens
7.5° 7.5° (Atome Copy) 7.5° (Atome Copy)
Zero Set-up
Yes No Yes (Atome Copy)

  360Precision Ltd
Holly Cottage, Barton Lodge
Steeple Aston, Oxford OX25 5QH
United Kingdom


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