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Absolute Details

Adjuste MK2: Overview

Would you like to own the best fully adjustable panoramic head on the market today ? If you answered yes then please keep reading.

The 360Precision Adjuste was designed from the ground-up to be the ultimate in adjustable panoramic tripod heads. We took 45 years of combined panoramic photography experience, a blank sheet and the following objectives:

1. Ease of use
2. Bullet-proof reliability
3. Full captive parts
4. No camera levelling issues
5. Quick change detent system
6. Strong, reliable locking mechanism.

1. Lightweight, strong and durable
Strength to weight ratio, yes there are lighter heads on the market but at just 1.1kg the Adjuste is built for use with even the heaviest DSLRs and zoom lenses, including the Canon 1DsMK3 and Nikon D3 more info...

2. Highest quality materials
High quality aircraft grade aluminium for increased strength and reduced weight, 30% stronger and 10% lighter when compared with the alloy used in the previous range of 360Precision heads, more info...

3. Industries best hard anodised finish
The same company that finishes the 360Precision heads works with major F1 teams to provide unrivalled quality and durability. Making sure your investment lasts the test of time, more info...

4. Exclusive surface coating
All sliding parts are coated with a special anodise lubrication to not only make fine tune adjusting more precise but the low friction helps to prevent wear and tear, more info...

5. Incredibly easy to use
Fast, easy and accurate adjustable base slider and camera slider. Allowing you to effortlessly adjust the head with the camera attached to the head, more info...

6. Custom base and camera locking system
Super strong locking mechanism, once the base slider and camera plate slider are locked into place there's no chance you'll accidentally move them. Or better still they won't work themselves loose in your camera bag or in storage between jobs, more info...

7. Precision detent system
The 360Precision Adjuste uses the industries most accurate detent system for both the horizontal and vertical click stops, The Adjuste MK2 features a user selectable 4 track detent system. The Adjuste MK2 ships with a 4, 6, 8 and 36 stop detent. We have options available to accommodate upto 144 stops.more info...

8. High quality bearings and components
ABEC 5 rated sealed radial bearings and long lasting thrust bearings give the 360Precision heads the ultra smooth movement needed for precise detent stops, more info...

9. Precision ruler markings
Chemically etched stainless steel marker rulers allow for much more accurate positioning markers that won't rub off or wear out, more info...

10. Rust proof stainless steel components
Rust proof AS/2 stainless steel bolts, ball plunger, spring plunger and bearings, more info...

Feature Comparison
360Precision panoramic head comparison.
Adjuste MK2/Giga
1.1kg (2.4lbs)/1.3kg
2.0-2.5kg (4.4 - 5.2lbs)
Adjustable camera position
Adjustable lens position
Base footprint (diameter mm)
Precision detent
Changeable detent system
Supplied detent
4,6,8 and 36 multi-track
Optional Adjuste Detents
6, 12, 18 and 32
16, 24, 48 and 60
54, 36, 54 and 60
36, 36, 36 and 36
Maximum stops 144
3 years
5 years
£595 ex VAT
from £525 ex VAT
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