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360Precision: Medium and large format Compatibility Chart

Below is a list of camera and lens combinations that the Absolute system current supports for medium and large format cameras.

If your camera or lens is not on the list below please fill out the enquiry form and we will contact you regarding availability.

  Medium and large format Compatibility Chart

Lenses | Camera
Hasselblad H1/H2
Mamiya 645DF
HC 3.5/35
HC 3.5/50
HC 2.8/80
HC 2.2/100
HC 4/120
HC 3.2/150
HC 4/210
HC 4.5/300
28mm AF f/4.5
35mm AF f/3.5
45mm AF f/2.8
80mm AF f/2.8
120mm AF Macro f/4.0
120mm MF Macro f/4.0
120mm MF TS f/5.6
150mm AF f/2.8
75-150mm AF Zoom f/4.5
AF 28MM f4.5 LS D
AF 28MM f4.5 D
AF 35MM f3.5 D
AF 45MM f2.8 D
AF 55MM f2.8 LS D
AF 80MM f2.8 D
AF 80MM f2.8 LS D
AF 110MM f2.8 LS D
120MM f4.0 AF Macro
120MM f5.6 T/S
AF 150MM f2.8 IF D
AF 150MM f3.5 LS D
AF ULD 210MM f4 IF
AF 240MM f4.5 LS IF
ZOOM AF 55-110MM f4.5
ZOOM AF 75-150MM LS f4
ZOOM AF 75-150MM f4.5 D
AF ULD 105-210MM f4.5 ULD

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