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360Precision Absolute: Upgrading or Changing Lenses
The modular design of the Absolute allows for quick and easy upgrades. Due to the precise design of the Absolute you can change camera arms as often as you like without ever sffecting the accuracy of the head.

If you purchase a new lens and wish to use it with your current 360Precision Absolute you can simply purchase an additional camera arm. We have over 1000 camera arm combinations available.

The camera arms are used to set the entrance pupil (nodal point) of the lens. The accurate setting of the entrance pupil allows for error free stitching and can also improve the accuracy of automatically generated control points.

Shown below is the new knob registered D2X / Nikkor 10.5DX camera arm.

360Precision Absolute Camera Arm
360Precision Absolute - Nikon D2X / Nikkor 10.5mm DX f2.8 fisheye lens

Assembling the Adjuste Step 1

To swap over the camera arms you will need to use the 4mm allen key supplied with your 360Precision Absolute.

Step 1.
Assembling the Adjuste Step 1

The first step is to remove your current camera arm. The shoulder bolt loosens in an anti-clockwise direction. When you remove the shoulder bolt and camera arm the thrust bearings and washers will be exposed. Be careful not to get sand or dirt in the bearings.

The dirt won't damage the bearings but the camera arm won't feel as smooth to rotate. With the shoulder bolt removed you can now swap over the camera arms.

Step 2.
Assembling the Adjuste Step 1

With the old camera arm removed you can now attach the new camera arm.

Step 3.
Assembling the Adjuste Step 1

When re-assembling the camera arm it's critical that the spring washers are opposing each other as shown in the in-set photo.

Now tighten the shoulder bolt and you're ready to go.

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