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360Precision Absolute: Changing Detents

Changing the Absolute detent is a quick and simple process.

For the purpose of the guide below we have removed the base assembly from the sidearm. This is not necessary when changing your detent.

Step One
Changing the Absolute detent - Step 1
The first step in changing the detent is to open the main base assembly. The base is held together using the main central shoulder bolt. The shoulder bolt loosens in an anti-clockwise direction. Please use the supplied 4mm allen key.

Step Two
Changing the Absolute detent - Step 2
Once the shoulder bolt has been removed the top plate and bearings can be removed.

Step Three
Changing the Absolute detent - Step 3
The detent is held in place by fout m4 x 16mm stainless steel screws. Simply remove these four screws.

Step Four
Changing the Absolute detent - Step 4
The detent will now be free and can be removed from the base. All Absolute detents are double sided so you can now either reverse your detent and replace it or put in your new detent.

Step Five
Changing the Absolute detent - Step 5
When replacing the detent you need to make sure you align the start groove on the inside of the detent with the start marker on the base. If these two markers aren't aligned then the start markers on the base-plate and top-plate will not align.

Step Six
Changing the Absolute detent - Step 6
When you replace the shoulder bolt it is critical that the two spring washers are replaced opposing each other, like a clamshell. If the washers are replaced incorrectly then the rotation of the head won't be smooth and the detent stops won't work properly. Also the shoulder bolt is designed to tighten up against the innerside of the top-plate, so do it up until it automaticallly locks.

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