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  360Precision Absolute : Design Features
Our driving force behind the creation of the 360Precision Absolute head was a requirement for reliable batch stitching. Post-processing should not be a chore, but a far more transparent part of the panoramic creation process.

Unhappy with offerings from current panoramic head manufacturers, we decided to create our own. The form and material selection have been wholly governed by our aim of creating the first truly precision head.

We also wanted a modular, up-gradable system that's built to last. The head also had to be light and very easy to use. Any future upgrades to the design or functionality will be fully backwards compatible.
You can therefore use your original head as a foundation for future upgrades, enabling your current head to accommodate various camera and lens combinations.

* Full upgrade kits are available and start from £95.

Machined aluminium is used as the main 'chassis' material as it has a great strength to weight ratio. Brass was chosen as the detent ring material due to its ideal deformation characteristics.

Totally overrated bearings are used in the construction of the head, over-engineering was never frowned upon in producing this head.

Each and every head is made for a specific camera-len/s setup. It is impossible* to mis-align the camera to the head, or for the camera to drift. * After initial set-up.

The head is hard anodised, ensuring it will withstand the elements.

An accurate bubble level is integral to the head, ensuring that up is indeed up in every panorama you take.

This all translates into a head that pictures and words do not do justice. The 360Precision head needs to be used to be appreciated - we sincerely hope you get the chance to do both.

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