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Absolute ?
The Absolute is our high-end, fixed component, precision panormic tripod head. If you want a hassle free, zero set-up system then read on...

The Absolute is the only panohead available that's built specifically for your camera/lens combination. What does this mean to you ?

1. No setup
2. No chance of accidentally changing the settings
3. Faster, more precise panoramas means less hassle stitching.
4. Extremely rugged, bulletproof construction
5. Lifetime warranty

Designed, Why ?
We designed the Absolute with one key goal, improving your panoramic workflow. If you're spending too much time stitching or correcting errors in Photoshop then the Absolute is for you.

Absolutely best for
The panoramic photographer with one main camera and lens combination who shoots panoramic images for real estate, hotels, HDRi, 3D, CGI or other high volume clients.

Save your Time
The amount of time you could save on one average sized job could easily cover the price difference between an Absolute and a cheaper alternative.

Stress Free Panoramic Images
We all want a stress free life and your panoramic production setup really can be, you just need to know where to start. Why not remove one more variable from your production workflow and invest in a 360Precision Absolute. The Absolute is the fastest, easiest and most bullet-proof panoramic tripod head currently available.

Please take 20 seconds to read the following questions

1. Do I want to increase the efficiency of my panoramic workflow ?
2. Do I want to remove the stress of setting up and maintaining my panohead ?
3. Do I want to reduce the longterm cost of ownership ?
4. Do I want to reduce the amount of time spent stitching images ?
5. Do I want to Increase my profit per job ?
6. Do I want to spend more time building and improving my business ?

If you answered yes to any one of the above questions then you owe it to yourself to keep reading and find out the finer details of the Absolutes design features.

Absolute FAQ
Q If I change my camera and or lens do I need to buy a new Absolute ?
A No, the modular design of the Absolute means you only need to purchase a simple upgrade kit


Absolute Details

Design Features
Batch Processing
Photo Gallery
Price List
Parts List/Glossary


Medium/Large Format


Assembling Absolute
Changing Camera Arms
Changing Detents
Changing Elbows
Adjusting Detent Plunger

Can I Upgrade ?

Changing Cameras
Changing Lenses

Adjuste Details

Adjuste Details

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